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Newington Electric announces new division: CT Roof And Gutter Ice Melt Systems

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Newington >> The leaves have fallen and soon will the snow. Every year, thousands of home owners throughout Connecticut experience the wrath that snow and ice dams can cause and the negative consequences — extensive water damage inside their homes! However, there’s a proven way to avoid the detrimental effects of snow build-up by using heating cables. Newington Electric has installed heat cables on hundreds of homes across Connecticut and found it to be the best solution to the problem. It’s of such importance that the company has launched a new division called CT Roof and Gutter Ice Melt Systems.

“We have committed to expand our business in this direction given the dire need here in Connecticut,” said Newington Electric Owner, Ed Ingalls. “A roof and gutter ice melt system is a 100% affordable solution to ice dams. They can be installed to operate automatically or manually. You simply turn them on before the snow starts and off when the storm is over.”

Ingalls notes that ice dams are formed from melting snow and water that run down the roof and freeze along the roof line and into the gutter. This then causes water to back up and go under the roof shingles allowing water to leak into the home.

In some cases, entire ceilings walls and floors have to be replaced due to water damage. Once water is in the walls, ceiling sheetrock and insulation must also be removed to avoid mold and mildew — a costly and inconvenient mess.

“Our heat cables are specifically designed to be installed along the edge of roof line, as well as in the gutters and down spouts. Roof and gutter ice melt cables will keep the edge of your roof and down spouts free from snow and ice buildup, allowing melting snow and ice a clear path to escape,” adds Ingalls.

CT Roof and Gutter Ice Melt Systems offers expert service in installing heat cables, which can be cut to any length. Some products provide a constant stream of warmth while others have self-timers. Making the investment requires no electrical upgrade, only a separate 120-volt, 20-amp circuit to fulfill the project.

“The good news is that these cables can really be installed on just about any roof at any time of the year and offer a sound solution to dealing with snow and ice while only using minimal energy,” said Ingalls. “However, it’s absolutely critical that heat cables only be installed by a qualified certified installation technician licensed by the State of CT that pulls a permit with the town, guarantees its work and has their work reviewed with inspections.”

CT Roof and Gutter Ice Melt Systems specializes in the installation of roof and gutter ice melt systems, using the best quality heat cables available, including Easy Heat, Frost King, Wrap on, Raychem and Cromalox.

Newington Electric Company is a 50-year old, second-generation family business started in 1958 by Richard Ingalls and is now owned and operated by his son, Edward Ingalls. NEC also has an electrical generator division, and electric car division and offers 24-hour service. Newington Electric holds a State of CT unlimited master’s electrical contractors license and only employs licensed electricians. The company is registered with the State of Connecticut’s Department of Consumer Protection.

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