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The Problem

Every year thousands of home owners throughout Connecticut experience the wrath that snow and ice dams can cause and the consequences.  Extensive water damage inside there homes caused by snow and ice dams.

Melting snow and water run down the roof and hit the snow and ice dam that has formed along the roof line and in the gutter, causing water to back up and go under the roof shingles allowing water to leak into the home. In some cases entire ceilings walls and floors have to replaced due to water damage. Once water is in the walls and ceiling sheetrock and insulation must also be removed to avoid mold and mildew.

The Solution

The solution is to install a roof and gutter electric ice melt heat cable system.

The heat cables only need to be installed in the problem areas on your roof, gutters and downspouts.  When installed properly, these cables offer a 100% solution to dealing with snow and ice buildup that form ice dams.

These cables require no electrical upgrade and can be installed any time of year on just about any type of roof. Making the investment in heating cables requires no electrical upgrade. A separate 120-volt, 20-amp GFI protected circuit is required to fulfill the project.

Serving the entire State of Connecticut, our licensed electricians can install most electric snow and ice melt heating cable systems, from start-to-finish, in just one day.

Heat cables can be installed year-round, but the best time to install them is in the Spring, Summer, or Fall before trouble starts.

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We provide a solution for a very common issue amongst New England Residents: Ice-Damming. As a division of Newington Electric, CT Roof and Gutter Ice Melt Systems specializes in the installation of ice melt systems throughout the entire state of Connecticut. Here at CT Roof & Gutter Ice Melt Systems, we have over 50 years of experience in electrical contracting and provide only the highest quality of service when it comes to the installation of your home's ice melt system.

Suggestions: Things to Consider When Hiring an Installer

Always hire a local Connecticut-based company. Beware of the 1-800 call centers who ask you for your zip code and then assign a high-pressure salesmen to call on you.

Important Questions to Ask... It’s absolutely critical that:

  1. Make sure you are dealing with a licensed Connecticut-based electrical contractor.
  2. Heat cables are an electric product and must only be installed and wired by a qualified installation technician.
  3. Make sure that your electrical contractor guarantees its work.
  4. Make sure the electrician installing your heat cables pulls a electric permit with the town.
  5. Make sure your contractor has all electrical work inspected by the local electrical inspector.
  6. The electrical contractor performing the installation and wiring of the heat cable system should be experienced and have a proven track record of successful roof and gutter ice melt system.
  7. If a problem arises, your electrician should be immediately available, after the installation, for any questions or service work that needs to be performed on your roof and gutter heat cable system.
  8. Take caution - Roof and gutter heating cable systems should not be installed by a homeowner, handyman, a roofing contractor, or any individual that is not a licensed electrical contractor with the State of Connecticut

Photo above shows poor installation by an unqualified person

Proper installation by the professionals at CT Roof and Gutter Ice Melt Systems.

Before Professional Installation

After Professional Installation



A heat cable is an electric product that can be cut to any length. Some products provide a constant stream of warmth while others have self-timers.

We know that time is of the essence when it comes to protecting your home against New England's harsh winters. This is why we offer our YEAR ROUND roof de-icing services in CT. Our team of licensed electricians can install most systems, from start-to-finish, in just one day. Our solution is one that can be tailored to any size home and is affordable to all homeowners.

While you can’t prevent snow from collecting on your roof, there are other things you can do to prevent ice dams from causing water damage to your house. Some homeowners choose to focus on reducing the amount of heat that escapes into the attic, warming the upper part of the roof deck and causing snow to melt evenly.

This type of ice dam prevention typically involves sealing air leaks in the attic floor and other solutions. Adequate attic ventilation is also important to keep the underside of the roof the same temperature as the outside air.

CT Roof & Gutter Ice Melt Systems uses trusted brands like Easy Heat, Frost King, and Wrap-On.

Easy Heat Roof De-Icing Cables

  Frost King Roof De-Icing Cables

 Wrap-On Roof De-icing Cables



Raychem Roof De-Icing Cables