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Providing Roof Heat Cables for Norwich homes

CT Roof and Gutter Ice Melt Systems is a division of Newington Electric Co with offices and a showroom at 72 Pane Road, Newington, CT.

NEC is a well-respected, family-owned 50-year old, second generation Connecticut electrical contracting company, providing fast, dependable service at affordable rates to Norwich, CT and the entire state.

When you call us, you will not be connected to a corporate 1-800 call center, asked a million questions, and then be harassed by a high-pressure salesmen. You will speak directly to our service department and get a quote right over the phone. No high-pressure sales tactics here!

Pictured above is the founder, R.E. Ingalls and his son and current owner Ed Ingalls.

Norwich, CT Roof Heat Cables

Snow & Ice Dam Prevention Specialists Serving Norwich CT

As a division of Newington Electric, 
CT Roof and Gutter Ice Melt Systems specializes in the installation of roof and gutter ice melt heat cable systems in Norwich and throughout Connecticut.

With over 50 years of experience in electrical contracting in and around Norwich, CT Roof and Gutter Ice Melt Systems enjoys an excellent reputation for providing high quality customer service. 

Serving the entire State of Connecticut, our licensed electricians can install most electric snow and ice melt heating cable systems at your home in Norwich CT, from start-to-finish, in just one day.

These roof heat cables require no electrical upgrade and can be installed any time of year on just about any type of roof.

Roof de-icer cables eliminate the threat of ice dams and dangerous icicles, a 100% solution to dealing with snow and ice buildup. 

However, it’s absolutely critical that electric snow and ice melt heat cables only be installed by a licensed electrician, qualified for the installation.

Make sure the company you hire pulls a electric permit with the town, guarantees their work, and has their work inspected by the local electrical inspector in Norwich, CT.

Newington Electric Co. is a licensed electrical contractor, licensed by the State of Connecticut and the Department of Consumer Protection. Master Electrical License #103530

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